About Us

AddressBookOne is a contact web portal which brings together the people in your day-to-day life in one simple, clean interface...

Technology solves many problems but can sometimes create others in the process. In today’s technological and social environment we often find that our contacts, whether they are friends, family or business contacts, are stored across a variety of media. Accessing all this information can sometimes be a daunting task. We have a mixture of people in our phones and PDA’s, friends on social networking sites and MSN and our business contacts in our mail clients, demonstrating just how spread out our data really is.

AddressBookONE solves this problem using a single contact point which amalgamates this scattered data from multiple sources such as; Gmail, Exchange, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, GroupWise and Plaxo amongst others, overlaying the data from each resource to provide a comprehensive view of each contacts data. Typically a contact may display an email address from Exchange, a status update from Facebook, a Tweet from Twitter and a postal address from Plaxo.

AddressBookONE leverages SyncWise Mobile providing a bi-directional sync with your selected mobile device providing backup and restore capabilities.